Beauveria Bassiana SBb 2.5 5 ACRE CONVENTIONAL

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Biological Seed Inoculant for Conventional Production

SBb 2.5 utilizes a natural, symbiotic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. JABB strains are isolated from plants, for plants. Once plants are inoculated with SBb 2.5, a symbiotic relationship begins immediately as the plant grows, extending colonies throughout the plant. 

SBb 2.5 is applied at planting with no target disease or insect specified. There is no singular mode of action, rather a response to plant activity favoring its host. Upon germination, SBb 2.5 is activated and trans-locates via the xylem and phloem forming an integrated network that works with plant cells, other beneficial organisms, and the environment. This symbiotic partnership elevates the plant’s natural ability to resist pathogens and seasonal stressors, which reduces necessity of single chemical solutions that can harm other beneficial living residents. 

Direct contact with seed is preferred to assure plant entry at germination. Applied on, under, or atop of seed allows SBb 2.5 competitive preference to initial plant roots where Beauveria bassiana becomes a premier symbiotic endophyte within the plant.  5 ACRE PACKAGE

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