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Bio-Remedy is a unique formulation of beneficial microbes for nutrient solubilization, plant growth promoting Rhizo-Bacteria, free living nitrogen fixing bacteria, enzyme producing bacteria and fungi, and microbial synergists in a patented encapsulation process which ensures stable shelf life, guaranteed counts of active spore propagules and allows the reliable delivery of important plant protecting bacteria such as Trichoderma.  The 1 lb. package contains an 84% soluble formulation that can be tank mixed, sprayed or used in irrigation. May be mixed with other fertilizers and amendments such as humic and fulvic acid concentrates or micronutrient blends. Use throughout the growing season starting as soon as the soil temps reach 50 degrees F at 1-2 oz./ 1000 square feet. For in the furrow use 2 lbs./ acre. Provides plant protection, nitrogen efficiency and promotes plant availability of mineral nutrients in soils. We recommend this product highly for medicinal crops, fruit and vegetable production and horticultural use in greenhouse or nursery. OMRI listed for organic production. 

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