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Bokashi fertilizer and soil amendment with EM-1 Effective Microbes with composted biomass serves as a 2-4-2 guaranteed fertilizing value as well as a compost starter and admix. This formulation is based on a Korean and Japanese traditional fermentation method using organic matter such as rice bran with natural molasses which produces strains of beneficial microbes. The product of this fermentation is then dried and packaged with composted manure. Use at 1-2% total soil volume, top dress at 1/3 cup per square foot, or add to mulch covering at 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft.  For use as a compost starter mix the Bokashi in raw biomass for static pile mesophyllic method. Blend this product with any one of Rock Dust Local's rock dust products for mineralized nutrient dense production. Ships in a 2 lb. bag. 

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