BrixBlend Basalt 40 lbs.

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  • THE BEST ROCK DUST FOR REMINERALIZATION:Contains the Broad Elemental Spectrum Tectonics (BEST)
The Gold Standard of Rock Dust for Remineralization. Rock Dust Local's flag ship BrixBlend is the first engineered basalt rock dust gradation on the market, and remains the gold standard. Suggested Use: Spread one 40 lb. box per 100 square feet of garden space or raised bed and fully incorporate, or 20 lbs. top dress. Promotes nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. A perfect blend of particle size optimizes the function of the rock dust in the soil matrix. Use this rock dust for the "Enhanced Weathering" effect for carbon and nitrogen capture, assimilation and chelation of mineral complexes for plant nutrient uptake in the root zone and for promoting good tilth. An all purpose paramagnetic rock dust. Perfect for direct to ground applications in gardens, raised beds, orchards, lawns, ornamentals, soil or soil-less mixes and composting. For optimum results follow these guidelines: Use between 5-50 lbs./ 100 sq. ft. in tillage, 5-25 lbs./ 100 sq. ft. top dressing. Fortifying compost use 20-25 lbs./ cu. yd. of biomass raw material. For potting mixes use up to 5% by volume. Pioneer Valley BrixBlend Basalt has been approved by Baystate Organics and Vermont Organic Farms for organic production. A foundation material for regenerative agricultural practice. USDA National Organic Program Standards compliant. Geochemistry

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