Encourage Organic 11-0-4

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Encourage 11-0-4 is a natural complex of Amino Acids, Nitrogen, and Potash combined with powerful plant and soil stimulants, including soluble humate extract, soluble seaweed extract and soluble yucca extract. Encourage 11-0-4 is a valuable addition to a well balanced nutrition program for all types of plants.  Encourage is a soluble powder that is best applied in solution, tank mixes, liquid drenches and nutrient teas. Encourage will enhance microbial growth immediately upon mixing into solution, especially if additional food substrates or compost teas are added.  Ships in a 3 lb. bag.

Directions for use, short form: Encourage 11-0-4 may be applied by itself or as an additive with most companion materials. For general maintenance applications use 1.25 dry ounces per gallon of water and spray foliage until run-off, as well as soaking the soil. Applications may be made every 2 to 4 weeks as needed. For optimal results we recommend mixing Encourage 11-0-4 with HyphaLink Nourish prior to application! 

Suggestion: Use this product with any of the RDL soil building rock dusts, formulated rock dust and biochar and biologicals for optimal results! Suggestion: Combine soil applications of Char-Rock and the biological Tainio Spectrum+ Myco with in season blend of Encourage 11-0-4 and HyphaLink Nourish!  See related products below for links. All USDA/NOP compliant for organic production, all natural. All "Regenerative"~!

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