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Inspired by John Kohler's (Youtube  visit to our homestead, this special offer is a one of a kind combination of 32 lbs. of Rock Dust Local's premium Basalt Microfines and two of our BEST crop synergists: 2 oz. of the AgTonik fulvic mineral rock dust activator and 4 oz. of the Natural Flavonoid "PlantBioFit" liquid foliar concentrate. Delivers in one box straight to your door. The AgTonik liquid can be used in "teas" and drenches, as well as a foliar spray when diluted. Makes up to 30 gals of dilution. The PlantBioFit is a liquid concentrate suitable for use as a foliar treatment when diluted. Typical application rates in the Flavonoid are 2 oz./ acre.  In combination with rock dust the crop synergists will optimize the biological function of growing plants through by stimulating the production of higher plant metabolites.  USDA/NOP compliant for organic production. Recommended for both the professional and avid gardener. Watch the John Kohler video for an abundance of information. Rock Your Greens! 

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