HyphaLink Nourish + Encourage 11-0-4

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Combo offering of HyphaLink Nourish 2 lbs. and Encourage 11-0-4 in a 3 lb. bag. For the avid gardener, homesteader or professional grower, this combination product offering is recommended by the formulator for maximum efficacy and positive results. 

HyphaLink Nourish is a plant balanced mixture of soluble humate, soluble seaweed extract, beneficial bacteria and essential plant vitamins. Designed to be an effective biological food substrate for use on all types of plants and in all types of soils! Use at 1 tbsp. + 1 tsp. (0.32 oz.) per gallon water dilution. Suitable to blend with most nutrient fertigation or teas. Apply as a foliar spray or liquid drench to soil. Ships in a 2 lb. bag.

Encourage 11-0-4 is a natural complex of Amino Acids, Nitrogen, and Potash combined with powerful plant and soil stimulants , including soluble humate extract, soluble seaweed extract, and soluble yucca extract. A soluble powder designed to be applied in liquid tank mixes. Will enhance microbial growth immediately upon tank mixing especially if additional food substrates or compost teas are added to the mix. Apply as a foliar spray or liquid drench to soil. For general use apply at 1.25 dry oz./ gallon of water.  Ships in a 3 lb. bag.

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