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  • NEW! MINERAL FERTILIZER:High Energy Mineral Based Organic Fertilzer
"MAGNA CARB" is an all purpose mineral based organic soil amendment and fertilizer developed by biologic farmer and visionary Sam Zook of Keystone Bio-Ag in Lancaster County, PA. Utilizing one of Rock Dust Local's regional BEST rock dusts in a well balanced blend with carbon, minerals and microbes, and built with a high humic compost containing rock dusts and biochar, this mineral fertilizer will provide consistent quality growth in fruit and vegetable production as well as herbs and small grains throughout the growing season. We recommend it highly. A true value delivered in a 30 lb. box. Incorporate or top dress at 500-2000 lbs. per acre (1.25- 5 lbs./ 100 square feet). Will not burn plants when used at the recommended application rates. USDA/NOP compliant for organic production. TRY IT! We think you will like the results. 

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