Mycorrhizae 1 lb. Dormant Spore Powder

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Ultrafine Mycorrhizae Dormant Spore Inoculant in a one pound package. A suspendable powder that can be sprayed onto bare roots, used as a root dip, drenched onto porous soils, hydro-mulched or blended into potting media. For nursery or greenhouse applications this inoculum can be incorporated into the growing media at a rate of +/- 0.5 lb. / cubic yard. One pound package will treat up to 2 cubic yards of growing media. As a drench mix with water at a rate of 2+ oz./ 5 gal.  One pound of product treats approximately 460 1-gal potted plants! Suggestions: Mix with RDL's Char-Rock "House Mix" prior to incorporating in raised beds or as an admix to potting soils. The goal is to create physical contact with the roots of growing plants. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus which forms a symbiotic relationship with the majority of growing plants and trees. This ancient microorganism is superbly adapted to digesting natural minerals and supplying these essential micronutrients to growing plants in exchange for sugars and other root exudates provided by the growing plant in the root zone. A foundation of life on the planet as we know it! 

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