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Pure premium horticultural grade charcoal, a.k.a. BioChar. A clean, 3/4"- 3/8" gradation perfect for horticultural applications; add to compost at 5-10% by volume during digestion, soak with compost teas and add to soil directly, add to soil or soil-less media for aeration and nutrient management at 5% by volume, use as an animal bedding admixture at 5% to control odor and effluent. This biochar is derived from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified wood feedstock and has been field tested and proven for over 10 years, making it one of the oldest proven biochar materials on the market. Well behaved with nitrogen, durable in the soil. A true carbon capture. Offsets at least 3 times its weight in CO2. Holds up to 2 times its weight in water.  BioChar and Rock Dust - along with Building Soil Carbon - have been identified in the latest IPCC report as Negative Emissions Technologies (NET) for drawing down Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) in a global response to catastrophic climate change. Let's do this. CARBON DOWN!  ~3.75 gallons per box. 

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