Pro-Hemp 5-3-9 Organic

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ALL PURPOSE ORGANIC FERTILIZER for fruit, vegetable and cannabis hemp. A well crafted 5-3-9 NPK formulation is especially suited to fruiting plants requiring an extra charge of potassium. Derived from all organic ingredients; blood meal, bone char, Chilean nitrate, feather meal, pasteurized poultry litter, peanut meal and sulphate of potash.  Broadcast 20 lbs./ 1,000 sq. ft lightly working into the top few inches of soil. For transplants work up to 1/4 cup into each transplant hole and mix with surrounding soil. A North Country Organics original.  We recommend applying this material with any RDL rock dust, rock dust and biochar or inoculant for optimal results. Ships in a 1/2 cubic foot box. 30 lbs. See the related products below for suggestions~. Rock On!

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