RICHMix 3X Combo

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SUPREME GARDENER'S COMBO FOR CARBON SMART FARMING: 10 lbs. RICHMix-Humate Biochar, 2 oz. FUL-ROK Fulvic Mineral Liquid Concentrate and 1 lb. Shaker Bottle of Basalt Microfines.  Suggested Use- Mix the Remineralized Inoculated Char with Humate into your planting beds or potting soil or mix into your veggie transplant holes or new seedings. (Will cover up to 500 sq. ft of beds fully incorporated, up to 6000 sq. ft. of typical transplants, or "in the row" new seedings, or amend 1/3-1/2 cu yd. of planting mix.) Use the FUL-ROK throughout the growing season in dilution at 1 ml/ gallon of water for drenches or irrigation, or 2 ml/ gallon for foliar applications, at 30 day intervals. Use the Basalt Microfines in liquid suspensions (1-2 tablespoon per quart, or sprinkle around container plants and water in). Fills the basic requirements for "Carbon Smart Farming" combining Carbon, Minerals and Microbes. Ships in one box, product literature included!  A Rock Dust Local Exclusive. Rock On~! 

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