RICHMix Biochar with Humate

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  • The GOLD STANDARD FOR CARBON CAPTURE:"A Carbon Capture in Every Pound"
Rock Dust Local's original RICHMix BioChar with Basalt rock dust, Biochar, added soluble and insoluble humates and four species of Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi. This pioneering formulation was developed by Thomas Vanacore, founder of Rock Dust Local to optimize the interaction of carbon, minerals and mycorrhizae beneficial microbes in biological farming applications. The mixture will help optimize growing conditions and plant nutrient uptake for new seedings and plantings when incorporated in planting mixes, transplant holes, in the row or broadcast for tillage. The Gold Standard for Carbon Capture for growers seeking to actively mitigate climate change through sequestering carbon and nitrogen on land.  1/2 cubic foot box, approximately 21 lbs.  Will cover up to 1/2 acre in the row or transplant holes, up to 1000 sq. ft. in planting beds fully incorporated. Optimal use for new plantings and seedings incorporated in the transplant hole and new seed beds in the row or furrow. Mix with surrounding soil and other fertilizer inputs. Can be used to amend potting soils and germination mixes. Can be used as a side dressing when cultivating around growing plants. 

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