Sea Minerals 20 lbs.

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20 lbs. of agricultural grade pure sea minerals. Provides macro and micro nutrients in a natural salt mineral harvested in the Baja. Best used for broadcasting on soil, pastures, hay fields, row crops, small fruits, tree fruits, nuts and gardens. Suggested use in tillage .5 lbs./ 1000 sq ft. or approximately 25 lbs./ acre. For composting 3 lbs./ ton or 2 lbs./ cu yd compost biomass. This material can be dissolved for foliar applications. Recommended for use with "Rock of Ages" Traditional Granite Stone Meal to liberate potassium nutrients. Helps restore CEC and conductivity in sandy soils after heavy rains. Sea minerals have also been used for livestock mineral supplement. Conforms to USDA National Organic Program Standards. Label Information.

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