Hi-Cal Lime + Kelp

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A unique blend of high calcium limestone plus natural kelp in a standard fertilizer grade granule. Good for lawn care, gardening, turf management, horticulture and forestry where pH buffering, calcium carbonate and the bio-stimulating and nutritive effects of seaweed are sought.  Apply at the rates called for in standard soil testing for pH buffering or use as an annual maintenance application for natural calcium with a minor percentage of magnesium and for the maintenance of pH in normal soils or growing media. Can be added to compost at 20-40 lbs. per cubic yard, raw or finished. Can be applied directly to the ground as a top dressing or incorporated through cultivation or tillage. Works in drop spreaders and cone style spinners. Delivered in a 30 lb. box to a postal service address. Price includes shipping in the U.S. including Puerto Rico. An Excellent Value~!

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