AgTonik Activator 2oz.

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Liquid Mineral Rock Dust Activator 2 oz. bottle. AgTonik is a unique mineral extract derived from humic shale chock full of minerals, trace minerals, trace elements, Fulvic acid, Humic acid, Ulmic acid and 20 other organic acids which help chelate and transport nutrients for plant uptake. An FDA certified material for human and animal consumption (though not labeled as such in this offering). 100% natural and compliant with USDA/NOP standards for organic production. Directions: Combine 1 mil (15 drops) with up to 1/4 lb. rock dust in suspension per gallon of water. Stir well and apply to plants directly or use in compost teas or other fertigation preparations. Works well with Rock Dust Local Basalt Microfines. Buy the Ful-Rok Activator Kit for both. This material can also be used alone in water or other liquids and drenches. 

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