HyphaLink Nourish

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HyphaLink Nourish is a plant-balanced mixture of soluble humate, soluble seaweed extract, beneficial bacteria, and essential plant nutrients. This formulation is designed to be an effective biological food substrate for use on all types of plants in all types of soils.  Suitable for conventional liquid foliar or irrigation applications. Note: If running through drip tape the solution will need to be screened. Compatible with most materials above a pH of 4. It is not compatible with Calcium Nitrate in solution. 

Typical application rates* are as follows: Woody ornamental and vegetative crops: 100 gallons of solution - 8 oz./ week, up to 32 oz./ month. Turf: 5 dry oz./ acre, once/ week, 20 oz. per month. Pasture and forage: 1 lb./ acre at 8" height or higher. Potted Plants: 1/2 tsp./ gal. every 1-2 weeks. Transplants: 2 tsp./ gal. foliar and root soak. 

*Best results are always achieved by using lower rates more frequently. Complete protocols for use are on the label as delivered. Package content: 2 lbs.  A great value.  Recommended to be used in combination with Encourage, Organic 11-0-4 where vigorous vegetative growth early in the season is desired.  A great addition to the soil building program using RDL's rock powders and biochar blends! 

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