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"CHAR-ROCK" is ROCK DUST LOCAL'S OWN "HOUSE MIX" OF PREMIUM ROCK DUST AND HORTICULTURAL GRADE CHARCOAL (BIOCHAR). BrixBlend Basalt rock dust and St. George Black Lime plus Premium Horticultural Grade charcoal, 3/4"-0. Use as Soil Conditioner targeting nutrient dense produce, production of higher and secondary plant metabolites, helps with conservation of water. Favorite among cannabis medicinal flower growers. Adds Phosphorus and Nitrogen Management and Carbon Capture, all in one package! A great source of soluble calcium, magnesium and potassium, silicon, iron and numerous trace minerals. Add to compost at up to 15% by volume. Add to potting soil blend at 5% by volume.  As a livestock bedding admixture use at 5-10% by volume. As a soil conditioner at 2-20 lbs./ 100 square feet, incorporate or side or top dress and mulch over. Each .5 cu ft. package covers +/- 1500 sq. ft. when used @ 2 lbs./ 100 sq. ft., 150 sq. feet when used at 20 lbs./ 100 sq. ft.  Conforms to USDA/NOP protocols for Organic production. ~3.75 gallons,  ~30 lbs. delivered to your door. CARBON DOWN!

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