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"CHAR-ROCK" is ROCK DUST LOCAL'S OWN FAVORITE "HOUSE MIX" OF PREMIUM ROCK DUST AND BIOCHAR. BrixBlend Basalt rock dust and St. George Black Lime plus Premium Horticultural Grade charcoal, 3/4"-0. Use as Soil Conditioner or composting admix targeting nutrient dense produce, production of higher and secondary plant metabolites, helps with conservation of water. A RDL Favorite among cannabis medicinal flower growers. Adds Phosphorus and Nitrogen Management and Carbon Capture, all in one package! A great source of soluble calcium, magnesium and potassium, silicon, iron and numerous trace minerals. Add to compost at up to 15% by volume. Add to potting soil blend at 5% by volume.  As a livestock bedding admixture use at 5-10% by volume. As a soil conditioner at 2-20 lbs./ 100 square feet, incorporate or side or top dress and mulch over. Each .5 cu ft. package covers +/- 1500 sq. ft. when used @ 2 lbs./ 100 sq. ft., 150 sq. feet when used at 20 lbs./ 100 sq. ft.  Conforms to USDA/NOP protocols for Organic production. ~3.75 gallons,  ~32 lbs. delivered to your door. CARBON DOWN!  RDL Suggested companions - Spectrum Soil + Myco Soil Inoculant 

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