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Biological soil inoculant in dormant spore. One acre package. This dry powder formulation combines powerful blends of the beneficial plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and other growth promoting microorganisms with the beneficial plant symbiont mycorrhizal fungi in one package. Suggested use:  Dissolve contents in water or nutrient tea and use the solution as a drench, pre-plant or in season.  For potted plants, flats of veggie starts or ornamentals, apply to the soil or growing media either mixing dry or in solution and drench. Add to irrigation water. Add to the water wheel solution for planting out row crop transplants.  For the root zone of growing perennials including trees, soak the surface of the ground with a dilution of the dissolved powder and drench to the dripline.  Suggestion: Combine with the Ful-Rok kit of Basalt Microfines and a 2 oz. bottle of AgTonik Fulvic mineral liquid extract. 

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