Ful-Rok Activator Kit

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AgTonik liquid fulvic mineral activator and 2 lbs. of Rock Dust Local's BEST Basalt Microfines in one package. Combine 1-2 ml of this 100% natural liquid mineral extract with up to 1/4 lb. of the basalt stone flour in 1-2 gal. water. The resulting solution feeds and remineralizes plants. Combine with plant nutrient teas and drenches to maximize nutrient uptake and density. Conforms to USDA NOP Standards for organic production. Use solution to water plants or spray liquid concentrate on leaves as a foliar application with or without the rock dust. One 2 oz. bottle makes up to 30 gallons of dilution. Use the Fulvic concentrate with or without rock powder in solution in three applications throughout the season starting within 2 weeks of emergence or directly at transplant as a liquid drench. A Rock Dust Local Exclusive.

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